DMN's Drink Edit: Top 5 Coffee Cocktails in London

Last updated . By Julianne Spingler.

There is something that really gets my blood pumping now that London Coffee Festival 2016 is upon us. While this may very well be attributed to a slight caffeine habit, I think that I speak on behalf of many that this is the best holiday to come out of the month (sorry April Fools, I can make a good joke any day of the year). So, in honour of the marked occasion, I'd like to recognize a few special places that take the two golden liquids of booze and coffee and somehow make them stand better together than apart. Here are the top 5 coffee cocktails currently buzzing round the city.


Bulletproof Martini @ Shoreditch Grind

Oh me, oh my, the Bulletproof Martini at Shoreditch Grind hits hard. A smooth espresso base is amped up a few notches by a potent, amazing mixture of bourbon, butterscotch, and cacao liqueur. And though it may not actually make you invincible, you'll surely feel superhuman after a few.

This time, baby, you'll be bulletproof.

Gringo @ Opium

Smooth, decadent, and full of tequila--if only every cup of coffee could be described in such a way. Served with the classic Opium-level of melodrama, the Gringo satiates those drink and dessert desires with sinful ingredients like coffee tequila, double cream, and dark chocolate.

Truth: coffee cancels out any adverse tequila effects.

Espresso Martini @ Simmons Camden

If all of the frills offer you no thrills, then just go for Simmons Camden's teacup take on the classic Espresso Martini. Fresh espresso is shaken up with the familiar favourites of vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and sugar syrup to make for a delightfully bittersweet end to the day.

If one cup isn't enough, try asking for an entire teapot. No judgments here.

Bump N' Grind @ 64th & Social

Clearly, if you don't see nothin' wrong with a little Bump N' Grind, then get yourself over to 64th & Social for one of the best coffee cocktails around. Unlike Mr Kelly's tragic conundrum, your mind and body will both be telling you yes to this drink made of spiced rum, araku liqueur, and just a tinge of vanilla.

Singing the song in your head at any mention of this drink is not only encouraged, but required.

Murder on the Orient Espresso  @ Portobello Star

Suspense, sophistication, and spirits all star in the punny, yet superb, Murder on the Orient Espresso served at Portobello Star. Starting off strong with a base of Wray & Nephew, this drink is then boosted up by flavourful twists of the namesake coffee roast, dark chocolate Mozart, and absinthe. Talk about a drink that will keep you guessing.

A boozy creation that would most definitely be approved by Agatha Christie herself.