Dinner Is Coming...To The Vaults With This Game Of Thrones-inspired Dinner

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Game Of Thrones Dining Experience The Vaults

Celebrate the marriage of Jaffery Bearathon and his wife Margarine at this quirky GOT-inspired dinner party.

With the promise of 'nudity, strong language, violence and dragons' there's no mistaking the fact that The Vaults' forthcoming dining experience is set to get some Game of Thrones fans very hot under the collar. The Leake Street theatre has announced the newest pop up taking over the space and it's going to be an altogether sillier affair than last year's fiery and political An Evening of Meat. 

Dinner Is Coming takes George RR Martin's now-iconic characters as inspiration for a dinner party parody of the HBO show. Visitors to the pop-up will find themselves at the wedding reception of Jaffrey Bareathon, heir to the Several Kingdoms, and his new wife Margarine Trywell, but, as so often happens, things take a murderous turn.

With themed cocktails alongside delicious food from Vault-favourites PopCo, diners will be required to dress up as their favourite lord, lady, serf or warrior and pledge their allegiance to one of the many houses of 'Easteros', loyalty to which can alter their dinner plans drastically.

Dinner Is Coming runs from the 9th of April to the 2nd of June 2019 at The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN. Tickets start from £30 per person.