DesignMyNight and Covid-19: Our Take




In a UK (and of course planet) currently rocked by the news, we thought it only right that our users hear from us in regards to the coronavirus outbreak. From helping you discover London's weirdest brunches to Edinburgh's finest bao restaurants, we celebrate food, drinks and experiences across dozens of UK cities, but need to be responsible when it comes to the uncertainty ahead of both our industry, and your day to day lives. 

We want our clients to know that we're listening, and for our users to know that we're thinking about you every step of the way. So whether you're a restaurateur that had just opened up or just looking to go bottomless with your besties, it's important to acknowledge that the boat is currently being rocked, and that we're here to help however we can. 

Recommendations? We've thought of a few of those too:

  • Consider your booking and consider a takeaway. Have an upcoming booking? Please consider rescheduling to an alternative date rather than cancelling. It will go a long way. Still want to support your locals? Great! We can't recommend takeways or deliveries enough. For recommendations?

  • London
  • Manchester
  • (check back soon for more)
  • Be conscious of the travel you commit to. Don’t be a dummy, wash your hands at regular intervals to keep those around you safe, and don’t travel if you feel unwell. We’re all in this together, and we’re still all in it to have a great time. If in doubt? Stay inside.

  • Can’t attend an event/restaurant due to travel, self-isolation, lockdown or otherwise? We’ll help as much as we can. Try to get in touch with the event organiser or venue as soon as possible, and they'll gladly help. Still having issues? We'll also try to help you get the scenario resolved.

  • Be kind to one another. It’s a tricky time for event organisers, restaurateurs, and each other. If you want to support your local restaurant with a delivery? Fantastic. Your event is cancelled? Don’t panic, it’s not yours or their fault, and we’ll work with you to iron out those booking kinks. 

  • Vouchers go a long way. Not only will these give you longevity in terms of your upcoming plans (making sure you will finally get those hen shenanigans, dinner reservations and quirky events booked in in the future), they're a great way to support the industry right now. Win win.
  • The fun never stops, it’s just delayed a little. We’re aware that sadly some events may be cancelled and restaurants quieter than usual or closed, but what we also know, the UK is one tough cookie. While this isn’t the immersive experience we were expecting, it will be one that we’ll return from with vigor. It’s important to look ahead.

  • From best bars to recent visits, we’re still going to be publishing a wealth of content - which we hope will inspire or at least entertain you for the time being.

From all of us here at DesignMyNight.