Ikea The Dining Club - DIY pop-up in Shoreditch

A head chef will be on hand at Ikea's The Dining Club to help you design a meal for up to 19 people.

From oh-so-cheap flat-pack furniture to that spiralizer you didn't realise was absolutely necessary until now, Ikea has you dreaming up your ideal life one fiddly little screw at a time. Next up the Swedish giant is expanding their life design skills with The Dining Club, a 15-day pop-up in Shoreditch that will give participants the opportunity to cook and host their own dinner party completely free of charge.

The pop-up, which can be booked for brunch, lunch or dinner, allows guests to control everything from the name of the venue to what they will be cooking for up to 19 of their nearest and dearest. To avoid any of those ‘BLOODY HELL WHY IS THE SOUP BLUE’ moments, a head chef will be on hand to help with the culinary madness, and there will be a team of waiting staff to clean and serve.

If you don’t manage to bag yourself a spot at The Dining Club, Ikea will also be running a cafe serving Swedish delights - hello meatballs for lunch every day - and there will be a series of masterclasses teaching everything from how to reduce your waste to delicious Scandi recipes.

The Dining Club will be located at N&C Showrooms, 3-10 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6PG and will run from 10-25 September.