avocado burger where to eat in london

The Joe's Avocado Bun....not a white carb in sight. 

We're all looking for new ways to eat more healthy, it's no longer a social media fad, it's a way of life; and while we may swap out our rice for cauliflower and we skip our moreish pasta for a stint on the spiralizer, the humble burger bun continues to get a consistent, carb loading look-in. Or does it? 

Brought to you by Joe's Southern Table & Bar, the Avocado Bun is turning burger heads as they've replaced brioche bites with the Ghostbusters green of an avocado instead. Hailed as low-carb and gluten free, this swapping out means that a small portion of the burgers at Joe's are no longer necessarily laced with guilt as diners can lock hands, knives and forks or lips around this slimming alternative. It's not for everyone, and the outcries of burger aficionados will potentially leave a shrill chill in your bones, but you can't blame 'em for making one of the most Instagram friendly burgers of the month.

The Joe's Avocado Bun can be ordered as a cheeseburger, with Southern fried chicken or as straight up vegetarian, each coming in at £8.95.