Chicken morsels with your afternoon tea? Ma Plucker shows us how.

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Cutesy crockery gets left behind in the name of flavourful fried chicken at Ma Plucker's afternoon teaI don’t mind admitting that I am no stranger to stopping by the Chicken Shop on a Saturday night, but this time I did refine my choice of venue and dined at Soho's newest Chicken stop; Ma Plucker, which has taken residence to serve all you chicken lovers out there…

This intimate diner of pure chicken, chicken and more chicken has a menu full of variety to cater for the fans of sweet & savoury (Maple Waffle & Rotisserie Chicken), spicy hot, deep fried, roasted, pulled and those of the buttermilk dipped variety. I can already hear the sound of jaws, and coop doors dropping. Unconventionally, we opted into the ‘Afternoon Tea With A Twist’; a brilliant choice for all those indecisive people of the world, as a mix of dishes is served alongside a ‘Boozy Ice Tea’. The board offers a mix of 3 savoury tasters and 3 sweet tasters; fried crispy coated chicken, pulled and rotisserie chicken served on a mix of maple waffle and brioche buns with glazes. For dessert a Southern American traditional Cherry Pie, donuts and a corn flake scotch egg. I’ll let you make your mind up on that one, definitely one for anyone with a heaving sweet-tooth. 

The venue has a retro diner vibe with orange patterned walls, lino topped tables, wooden benches, condiments and cutlery already out on the tables. Ma Plucker to me serves ‘fast food’ at its finest, with more variety, flavour and customisation, friendly servers and a chilled out area to hang out and refuel, definitely worth a cheeky visit or two.

Ma Plucker's alternative Afternoon Tea will set you back a mere £16.50 each, and is available from Monday to Friday from 15:00 till 18:00. Weekends from 12:00 till 18:00.