Sakura Season: Where To Find Cherry Blossom In London

Floral interiors? Flower-filled trips into the great outdoors? We’ve got the guide for that. When spring comes knocking, our capital's finest venues and green spaces become the most Instagram-worthy destinations of the season. From restaurants paying homage Hanami (the traditional Japanese art of flower viewing) with stunning displays and tasting menus to parks and neighbourhoods boasting flurries of petals, here’s a list of the prettiest cherry blossom spots in London for 2024.


Greenwich Park

Already known for its spectacular views of Queen's House and Canary Wharf beyond, Greenwich Park is a favourite for stunning scenes. And once spring rolls around? Found past the observatory but before the cricket pitch is a whole row of cherry blossom trees either side of the path leading to Ranger's House (a lovely Georgian villa). This creates a gorgeous canopy above you to top off any relaxing walk soaking up the post-equinox sun. Make sure to nab one of the benches underneath for some prime picnicking real estate.

Greenwich Park Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

The Greenwich Park cherry blossom is bound to be found on your Instagram feed too, but a real-life visit is best.

Kyoto Garden

The best places to see cherry blossom in London? It's no secret that the Sakura-mad might find what they're looking for in a Japanese Garden, so Kyoto Garden in Holland Park seems like a pretty safe bet. Originally built to celebrate the 1991 Japan Festival across London and the UK, it's still going strong to this day with ponds of colourful koi and that bridge framed by a waterfall. Listen to the relaxing bubble of moving water while taking in the blooming buds that surround the space here.

Kyoto Garden Cherry Blossom Holland Park | DesignMyNight

If you're chasing a zen-like feeling this season, Kyoto Garden feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle.

St Paul's Cathedral 

St Paul's is one of the most photographed landmarks in the capital, but you can bet there will be even more people getting snaps once spring has sprung in London. Make your way round to the churchyard to the cathedral's south and find the cherry blossom, which you can use to very prettily frame the iconic dome in your pictures. They're known to be some of the earliest bloomers signalling the arrival of milder weather though, so better not dawdle.

St Paul's Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

Cherry blossom time in London means even St Paul's gets a floral makeover.


Known for bloom-covered trees as a striking part of their interiors year-round, Tattu changes the colour of its flowers with the arrival of every season. From March, the flowers here turn gorgeous shades of pink and purple to mirror cherry blossom. Meanwhile, special limited-edition drinks like the Bacardi-laced Divine Bloom cocktail or a riff on a negroni laced with blossom vermouth and cherry become your tipple of choice when dining on contemporary Chinese food.

Tattu Cherry Blossom London | DesignMyNight

All pink everything.

Regent's Park

The Sunset Boulevard variety of cherry blossoms at Regent's Park are striking in two ways: their height, and the lovely white and pink dappling effect they create. Perfect for perching yourself under, these beauties are found in an avenue near the Chester Road entrance - having replaced an old set of trees that were deteriorating. Better yet, you can also hit up the south end of Avenue Gardens to find more close to the Broad Walk. 

Cherry Blossom Regent's Park | DesignMyNight

Wondering where to see cherry blossom in London? These candyfloss-looking clouds of flowers ought to fit the bill.

Kew Gardens

Being a place dedicated to plants, it's no surprise that Kew Gardens also makes it onto our list of the best cherry blossom in London. Starting at the rose garden behind Palm House and running to Temperature House are two lines of Japanese cherries - featuring 15 specimens, to be exact, with each species meticulously labelled. Follow the path round onto the route that's very conveniently named Cherry Walk, where you'll find further blossom trees and views of the Pagoda behind too.

Kew Gardens Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

Find a day with blue skies and you'll be blessed with even prettier photos here.

Mei Ume

One of the most photogenic restaurants in town and found within Four Seasons, Mei Ume steps into spring with an ornate installation above its sleek bar until 13th April. The pink and white blooms honour the art of Hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of ‘flower viewing’. In addition to the arching display of blossoms fleeting above, the venue has specially themed menus and experiences in store. Choose between the blossom-inspired bento lunch (available across the whole celebration), an exclusive masterclass from Masumi Sake on 23rd March where drinks are paired with a six courses, and an evening tasting menu of everything from Wagyu beef donburi to matcha cheesecake - complete with traditional miko dancers for entertainment - on 13th April.

Mei Ume Cherry Blossom London | DesignMyNight

Wondering where to see cherry blossom in London? Check out this stunning scene.

London Blossom Garden

It's literally in the name at London Blossom Garden, a stunning space found within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Planted to commemorate our collective experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside those who died and those key workers who kept the city running, the 33 trees here (one for each borough, plus the City of London) might not be the most mature - but watching them grow year-on-year is part of the fun. They're not all cherry either, with cherry plum, crab apple and hawthorn also featuring.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

Take the weight off your feet next to the flowers at this newest pick of cherry blossoms.

ROKA Charlotte Street

Head to the Charlotte Street outpost of ROKA where their gorgeous blooms provide a backdrop for beautiful feasting. With the likes of yellowtail sashimi in a truffle-citrus ponzu and robata-grilled yuzu-miso black cod all up for grabs, this is one if you’re looking to wine and dine in style. And don't forget about the Shochu Lounge, a cherry blossom-filled space that's the ideal balance of intimate and fun - perfect for experiencing Japanese drinking culture.

ROKA Cherry Blossom London | DesignMyNight

ROKA is one of the best places to see cherry blossom in London UK.

Kensington and Chelsea

Aside from the blooms in Kensington Gardens, including at Lancaster Gate and the Albert Memorial, Kensington and Chelsea in general is an area filled to the brim with blossom. Courtfield Gardens has a stunning tree planted at basement level, meaning you'll be able to get up close and personal with the flowers themselves while taking selfies. Redcliffe Road and Blithfield Street are both lined with cherries in front of stunning houses, while The Yalta Memorial Garden near the V&A Museum also has its own cluster - perfect to frame your photos of the imposing building with.

Kensington And Chelsea Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

Beautiful townhouses are made even better when the blossom blooms.

Notting Hill

Now, Notting Hill even deserves a whole section of its own in this guide; it's just that packed with blossom-viewing spots. Aside from Stanley Crescent, which is probably the most popular of all locations, there's also plenty to be seen purely by wandering around past all the coloured houses in the area. The pastel homes of Notting Hill Gate especially are frequented by people wanting to get their fill.

Notting Hill Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

These postcodes are packed full of flowery opportunities.

St James' Park

Although a much more modest display of cherry blossom trees, St James' Park is still worth a look for its super central location and lakeside viewing. Make the most of it by travelling full circle around the space, with the best pictures available at the Buckingham Palace end facing the Horse Guards at the water's eastern side. These are another on the list that tend to bloom the earliest in the season, so make sure to catch them before they fall. 

St James's Park Cherry Blossom | DesignMyNight

Get out and about to view floral displays right in the heart of London.

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