Caipirinha - Brazilian Cachaca based cocktail

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I lived in Brazil for a year and their spirit of choice is Cachaça. This sugar based spirit is somewhat of an enigma in Brazil as everyone seems to react differently to it: It makes some people weepy, some people very happy and some people very drunk...all in all, it is a very strong but tasty spirit. When looking for a crazy latino night out in London, the only way to start the night is with a Caipirinha - the main drink made with Cachaça. There are many latino bars in London or indeed Spanish or Mexican London bars, where you can order a mean Caipirinha. However, follow the simple recipe below and you can make this delicious Brazilian cocktail at home before you go out. 

Classic Caipirinha

1 Fresh Lime

2 teaspoons of caster sugar

50ml of Cachaça

Take the whole lime and cut into 8ths, add them to a sturdy rocks glass and muddle with 2 teaspoons of caster sugar. Add some cracked ice and a 50ml measure of Cachaça and stir. Serve with a straw!

One of my favourite Cachaças is Abelha Cachaça: Made with all natural, organic ingredients and is created using the most traditional artisanal methods. Batches are kept purposely small using the same type of copper pot brought to Brazil in 1530. There are there are no short cuts and absolutely no compromise on flavour. Proving that in this instance, good things come to those who wait!