Bunga Bunga

Battersea is one of London's most up and coming destinations, so why not pay a visit?

To borrow a phrase from a certain Leonardo Di Caprio, Battersea had our curiosity, but now it has our attention. The area's selection of quirky hangouts - like the infectiously vibrant Bunga Bunga on Battersea Bridge Road - meant that it was already a popular nightspot for revellers across the city looking for a good old fashioned knees up when the sun goes down. There's also the effortlessly classy Lost Angel, of course, which gets a little raucous itself at the weekend when everybody's had one gin & tonic too many. But its the influx of latest openings that really cement Battersea's status as one of the capital's nightlife heavyweights.

Battersea, it seems, is experiencing something of a boom as we enter 2014. Esteemed French chef Franck Raymond has selected Battersea Bridge Road to host his latest venture Augustine Kitchen, and the notoriously serene and level-headed Gordon Ramsey has also opened London House, the latest instalment of his fine-dining restaurant chain at 10 Battersea Square. When you throw in the endearingly community minded Source - an eatery devoted to London charity and local produce - you've got an area that truly covers all the bases. There's no doubt that something special is occuring in Battersea, and its most certainly the area to watch out for in 2014.