Did You Know There's A Secret Wizarding Bar Hidden Below Dalston?

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

Blind Phoenix Dalston Wizarding Bar

It's all hubble, bubble, toil and trouble at this Dalston basement bar.

Wingardium levi-what now? A secret wizard bar under Dalston? It's news to us too, but The Blind Phoenix has been happily stirring up trouble under Stoke Newington Road for a good few months now. The well-hidden speakeasy from The Magic of Things, the brains behind The Cauldron Magical Experience, brings vintage interiors with an industrial twist, alongside some seriously beguiling beverages.  

Conceived as a place where literature meets technology, their unique selection of drinks and delicious potions pay homage to the heroes of magic, from TV sorcerer Tom Mullica, to the Wizard of Menlo Park himself, Thomas Edison. Guests get a chance to show off their own witching skills as high-tech working wands allow them to select and pour drinks from the bar's steampunk-inspired 'Time Machine' - a wall of taps that spits out sips from across the ages.

And do you want to know another secret? You can even own your very own working wand as The Magic of Things are now carving bespoke capacitive touch wands that work as a torch, a toy or just a fun trinket to have around the house; it's called Design My Wand, a truly magical name.

You can try and find The Blind Phoenix at 5d Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BH.