Attend This Online Baking Competition From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Published . By Tom Edwards.

big bakes online baking classes

Feeling at an all time dough? Big Bakes are here to sweeten self isolation up a little.

You’ve no doubt heard of Big Bakes: the UK’s first and only live baking competition that throws baking duos in to the deep end for the ultimate baking extravaganza. Started originally as a friendly competitive office bake-off that now boasts two locations in both London and Birmingham, Big Bakes are going online for their upcoming shenanigans.

The brains behind BB are turning up the oven on the competition and sharing three bake-at-home classes a week. In a bid to show how important (virtual) togetherness is today, follow their Facebook or Instagram page for videos, a recipe and ingredient list - then grab your eggs and get cracking. The recipes will feature easy methods as well as items that are readily available in the house, so there’s no need to make any last minute shopping trips.

Your fellow housemates and isolation comrades will be ecstatic after you present your decadent dessert options - even more so when they find out that there’s a prize up for grabs. Submit a snap of your bake to the team’s social media and they’ll choose the winning baker - who’ll receive a free trip to a live class later on in the year (worth £37.50 each).

Interested in attending the London event when things get back up and running? We love to hear it. Buy a gift voucher with 18 month validity here. Same goes for Birmingham here too.