Call The Batmobile: A Futuristic Immersive Experience Is Taking Over London

Published . By Lisa Moore.

Batman | Immersive Arkham Asylum Experience London | DesignMyNight

Beam the bat signal: immerse yourself in the scandalous underworld of Arkham Asylum.

Holy smokes, 2022 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for Batman enthusiasts, as a big-budget, fully immersive experience is taking over London.

Enter Arkham Asylum.

Let us take you under the batwing to explain. The story starts with Jeremiah Arkham, who in a bid to restore order in crime-riddled Gotham City, rounds up citizens to perform compulsory psychological evaluations within the asylum’s grounds. But where on earth is Batman? Seems like he's gone AWOL and is nowhere to be found. As a resident, you’ll be part of the experiment and the more you get involved, the more fun the experience will be. Unlock new spaces, discover new clues and ultimately escape from the dreaded underworld.

The location is TBC but rest assured it’ll be vast and seriously impressive. Expect a multi-sensory adventure, fusing groundbreaking technology and interactive theatrics. Come face to face with DC comic characters including Poison Ivy and Scarecrow, but remember, don’t get starstruck as they’re probably gonna try and get ya.

Recognising the sensitive themes in this experience, the producers are working closely with incredible charity CALM to generate awareness of mental health causes and raise funds for their life-saving services and research.

Arkham Asylum takes over London from September until December 2022. For more immersive experiences in London? Check them out here.