BabaBoom are celebrating their first birthday by gifting one person a YEAR'S worth of kebabs

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BabaBoom Free Kebabs for a Yeart

It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but with grilled lamb.

It’s an admirable sort of person that not only gives out a present on their birthday, but does it without throwing a world-breaking strop. So for that we have to give BabaBoom an admirable pat on the back, as they celebrate being a year old this August bank holiday weekend by giving one lucky diner a year’s worth of free kebabs.

Good job summer’s over because that statement alone lit the eyes of thousands of drunk people. The kebab kings of Battersea are giving out a free dish or drink – a frozen margarita, sweet potato hummus, dukkah fries or the salted caramel glory dessert – from the bank holiday weekend until 3rd September when they order a kebab, but one lucky person will draw the winning ‘birthday card’. And inside is the news anyone who’s experienced a hangover will love: a free kebab, delivered or in store, every week for a whole year. So if you’re a fan of puffy flatbreads, charcoal grilled meats and punchy vegetables, you better get eating.

BabaBoom in Battersea are offering a free dish or drink to everyone who buys a kebab from the bank holiday Weekend until 3rd September, with one lucky person winning a year's worth of kebabs for free.