Are you ready for a cheese street in London?

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

cheese street in london

Let cheese get the feta of you this September in London. 

If you could take cheese on a plane with you, you would. You stash cheese in your bag. You've defended the honour of cheese in a bar fight. You've been known to pull out cheese from under the pillow before bed. You're walking down a street made of cheese, and we're not even kidding. 

There's a street in Islington being shut off this September, and it's all in the name of cheese. Found at Chapel Market his September 24th and October 1st, two consecutive weekends will play host to a street festival where cheese is king, queen and everything in between. While names the likes of La Fromagerie, Raclette Brothers and Cheese Truck will be filling gobs at various stalls, there's a complimentary bottle Black Cow’s ‘pure milk vodka’ for the first 50 guests. 

Cheese Street will be taking place in Chapel Market, N1 9PZ. It will run for two consecutive Sundays from September 24th.