Breaking Bad pop-up returns and on the hunt for permanent home

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ABQ London

Cocktail making at ABQ London.

Drinking in a pub is just so passé ya know? Actual seats and proper pints - nah mate it’s all about wearing canary-yellow hazmat suits and cooking up drinks in the back of an RV.

ABQ, the Breaking Bad themed cocktail experience, is back bitches, returning to a Hackney street from 5th August with a brand spanking new lab and space for 28 people to live out those Walter White fantasies. They've returned to their beaten-up truck while raising funds for a permanent home by selling mind-altering substances concocted in chemistry equipment - sound like a familiar plot line?

You won’t be cooking up meth obvs; the team will have you sweating and pouring over test tubes and vials to create two cocktails: Saul’s C2H60 made using dry ice, and rum-based The Blue Flynn. 

Tickets cost £30 and the event last two hours, you’re going to have to move quickly though - there were 65,000 ticket applications in the last nine months.

ABQ London will be at 455 Hackney Road from 5 August. Tickets cost £30 for two hours and include three cocktails.