Summer happened, and it's time to get over it. We're going to ease you into the new season though, and your stomach's going to join us along the way. Whittling it down to a humble five, we've come up with some of the best restaurants in London to work your way on into autumn thanks to their pert interiors, pretty dining and heart-warming menus that'll keep your cockles glowing once winter strikes. 

Farmopolis On The Jetty

She's been a right pretty bean through summer, but now it's time for the pearls and unfurls of flowers at Farmopolis to spread on into autumn. While you can enjoy their emphasis on foliage, keep in mind their unique events and enjoy the waterside views, crack on into their cafe for a sample of dishes the likes of smoked Cornish mackerel, Fosse meadow chicken and salt baked sweet potato.

farmopolis restaurant pretty london

Greenwich has the ultimate answer when it comes to autumnal dining pangs with Farmopolis.

UNA at the St Pancras Clock Tower

I've been up only the one tower, in Bruges, and they wouldn't even let me scale it with a cheese sandwich, so this is sure to be an impressive way to dine this autumn in London. Join UNA this October in the city as not only is this supper club providing a stunning dining experience inside the St Pancras Clock Tower itself, you'll be hunkering down for Latin American fare courtesy of Martin Milesi.

una autumn supper club restaurant in london

UNA provide the ultimate dose of pretty dining this Autumn in London with a clock tower experience to remember. 

The Common Old Oak

You know who's giving is some serious well in the pretty restaurant department? It's The Common Old Oak, and we're here to share their succulent dining secrets. Okay, so there's nothing all that secret about them, but with a community forward ethic, a fairy-light strewn spot for dinner under the stars and wood-fired pizzas to plough through, it's a hidden gem worth sharing. 

common old oak dinner autumn london

Willesden has something to say for itself when it comes to being a pretty restaurant in London. 

The Harcourt

Let's be honest, most Nordic locations are known for making their way onto those 'prettiest' places in the world lists that we like to gleam and coo over while in our expensive 1-beds, and the same can be said for The Harcourt. While gastro-esque out front, the space pictured below is clearly a front runner in the ravishing restaurant department, and it's a name for autumn thanks to its warming dishes and inherent Swedish stance.  

harcourt best restaurant in london

The Harcourt is a plump and pretty dining palace in the heart of Marylebone, catering to all autumnal whims.

Bermondsey Yard Cafe

Plates that shine with seasonal ingredients and vegetables, a courtyard that glitters with fairy-lights and a canopy while you're ploughing into a well-deserved pint, the interiors that remain strictly rustic and raw thanks to industrial features and romantic lighting that keeps 'em humble and cosy. I'll quit banging on, go and check out Bermondsey Yard Cafe, one of the best restaurants for autumn in London for yourself. 

bermondsey yard cafe pretty restaurant london

It's pretty, it's casual and it's churning out plates that look just like the one above.