Instagram has totally changed the way we dine. 'Food porn' accounts dominate the internet, highlighting the prettiest food around. In a capital as photogenic as London, there are plenty of photo-ops and no shortage of good-looking food. If you're looking for the hottest dish for your feed or know a friend that would rather their food get cold than miss a pic, check out our guide to the 5 most Instagrammable dishes in London

Cloud Cone - Milk Train Cafe

Milk Train Cafe in Covent Garden serves up some dreamy dessert delights. This Japanese-inspired ice cream shop sells cones with one of three soft serve flavors atop of a picture perfect bed of candy floss. No matter the flavor or choice of equally appetizing toppings, this cloud cone will guarantee you some likes for being pretty and unique. 

You'll be on cloud 9 with these ice cream cones (Photo by Vanessa Li).

Rainbow Bagel - Beigel Shop

Instagram loves everything rainbow and colorful, especially food. Brick Lane's beloved Beigel Shop is the home to the cultural phenomenon that is the rainbow bagel. Whether you like you have a sweet tooth and take your bagels with Nutella or honey, or like the savory flavors of salt beef or salmon, these groovy rings of dough are just as photogenic as they are psychedelic. 

Groovy bagels from the Beigel Shop are perfect 

The Cheese Wheel - KERB Camden

One of the newest addition's to KERB's Camden, the Wheel has already taken the Internet by storm, serving freshly rolled fettuccine dunked in a massive wheel of cheese. The whole process is incredibly photogenic, from the melting of the cheese to the tossing of the pasta to the cheesy final product, which can be served alone or with mushroom, prawns or sausage. Talk about food porn. 

Absolutely nothing is better than pasta dripping in hot, melted cheese.

Sushi Donut - Inamo 

Another Camden beauty, Inamo's sushi donut is equally delectable as it is delicate. Inamo is known for its interactive ordering and Pan Asian fusion dishes. Now it's known for creating a hybrid of two incredible guilty pleasures, no deep frier needed. Colorful and flavorful, the sushi donut is the perfect camera-ready combo. 

Inamo's sushi doughnuts are an aesthetically pleasing hybrid. 

Raindrop Cake - Sakagura

No this blob isn't a drop of water, it's your next Instagram post. The translucent, calorie-free raindrop cake is a Japanese speciality, made of mineral water and agar, a gelatinous substance that comes from seaweed. Found at the sushi and sake fond Sakagura just shy of Regent Street, it's fairly tasteless on its own, but the cake melts in your mouth and looks bloody great in photos.

The prettiest raindrop you've ever seen, I promise.