Gin can likely be held accountable for some of the best and some of the worst decisions you've made, but there's one thing that gin knows to be true; that you love it, and it loves you right back. With World Gin Day taking place this June 11th, London is set to be lit up with juniper jaunts and gin themed pop-ups, and we've come up with a list of six of the very best of them.....


Pair the good stuff with cheese at a matching event

Gin goes well with an evening in, gin goes well with a night out, it goes well with tonic and it goes well with some candles and a bath (a bath full of gin). But, it also goes well with cheese, lots of cheese. Introducing top pairings with Alfie Amayo (the UK brand ambassador) in tow, the City of London Distillery are inviting guests to learn about spirits history and cheese aplenty in this top, gin affair.

gin matching event london world gin day

Leman Street Tavern are dosing gin lovers with a cheese matching event this June 23rd.

Visit London's sexiest gin distillery

I would never encourage you to make your own gin at home, I'm an adult with an esteemed sense of responsibility, and the kit is like, SO expensive. So why not join a bunch of charming 20-somethings in East London looking to do the hard work for you? Producing, distiling and importing a stunning range of their own gin, the copper barrels, cocktails and spirits at East London Liquor Company are sure to win any gin lover over.

gin distillery london world gin day

Sexy, only sometimes sophisticated and churning out gin by the bucket load.

Plough through a whole load of it at a gin themed pop-up

I know you've paired your gin with this tonic. I KNOW YOU HAVE. And they probably know you have too, hence why their charming World Gin Day 2016 pop-up is sure top curate some serious fans. Headed to Southbank for a weekend's worth of gin, Fever Tree have over 25 gin and tonic pairings for thirsty guests to choose from including the likes of Four Pillars from Australia.

gin pop-up london world gin day

Those with a serious gin and tonic habit have found the World Gin Day pop-up for them.

Clear your calendar for a stay in a gin-themed hotel

London has some seriously interesting hotel contenders, from The Hoxton to the Pavilion in Hyde Park (with a Marilyn themed room if you must), but never has it seen a gin themed hotel before. Not content with being one of the biggest gin providers in London, Portobello Gin are soon to open a gin based hotel with a museum, distillery, plush rooms and more.

gin themed hotel london world gin day

Stay a night with your beloved in a quirky new London hotel. Your beloved is gin, by the way.

Cater to your cocktail craving with the Seven Deadly Gins

Pagan inspired and proud, the Hand of Glory in East London is not the place where you can wash all of your gin sins away, it's the place to make more. A wholesome and cool pub with wicker and mysticism to its name, head on down to this beloved boozer for seven gin themed cocktails in their 'Seven Deadly Gins' list that'll knock your pagan socks off. Do pagans even wear socks?

best gin cocktails in london hand of glory

Never mind repenting, make seven new deadly gin sins at the Hand of Glory

Bespoke gin-themed boozing from the Dirty Martini group

Dirty Martini aren't content with being one of the most popular and pretty bar groups in London, oh no. They had to go ahead and be cute and creative, didn't they. Celebrating World Gin Day 2016 in the only way they know how, with a bespoke new selection of cocktails, Dirty Martini have created five takes on the humble G&T the likes of their Strawberries & Spice with Elderflower TonicMango & Chamomile with Lemon Tonic. All available at a selection of their bars including Clapham, St Paul's and Monument

world gin day dirty martinin

Dirty Martini have created five delicious twists on the humble G&T.