The kitchen is a fully immersive gastronomic and entertainment experience that takes guests on a culinary journey - conducted by some of London's most exciting food vendors. Curated by Bourne & Hollingsworth; Kitchen Party's prerogative is to deliver an ever-evolving pop-up (changing its patrons every four to six weeks) featuring some of the biggest names in cutting edge food and drink. They include the critically acclaimed wandering-gin-cocktail bar '4th Wall', Blanch & Shock, The Robin Collective and Rack & Ruin, as well as interactive installations such as Russian Revels and the Dine Mile High Club.

The Kitchen Party 4th Wall Pop UpExplore the different rooms and discover a world of unique design and tastes.

The venue will also feature the 4th Wall, London's first wandering bar - a complete replica of the Bourne & Hollingsworth bar Rathbone Place that tours London and occupies different locations. The pop up will be spread over three floors, with the participating restaurants and food vendors occupying their own rooms throughout the venue - making the entire experience an exploration of cuisine and culture. Expect to encounter molecular gastronomy and cocktails, a wandering cocktail bar, an edible installation and best of all, the fully immersive basement dining experience - complete with music, dancing and thematic cocktails. There will be surprises at every corner so don't be afraid to explore. Turning the typical dining tradition playfully on its head, Kitchen Party will in fact be a collective of three or four ‘restaurants’ in one - a menagerie of multiple experiences, tastes, flavours and sights – offering guests something wholly unique each time they visit.