No longer shall I look at Heddon Street as Regent Street's food quarter, but as the portal to cheeky pop world heaven. Ladies and gents, I give you Strawberry Moons. If anyone can get away with playing Chris Brown full blast at 6 in the evening, it's these guys!

The Venue

You’ll all be glad to know that Strawberry Moons has a sunny alfresco terrace decked out with sleek black chairs and low rise tables. Without a doubt, it’s perfect for summer time lounging and for enjoying an ice cold drink whilst reflecting on your high street purchases. It’s the first thing you see as you enter the venue before being hit with the venues pride and joy – the dance floor. It’s more colourful than a rainbow and looks like that Rubik’s Cube that tormented you as a child. Although I couldn’t muster the confidence to do my chicken dance so early on in the evening I could see a woman shaking her stuff like a polaroid picture on its mesmerising surface. Two words – fair play. The walls of the venue were painted in a deep purple and I could see the odd chandelier hanging from the high ceilings giving the place an edge of Essex glamour.

Rubix cube meets the colours of the rainbow on Strawberry Moons' shimmering dance floor.

Food and Drink

Coming from a small town where the word cocktail wasn’t even included in the Collins dictionary, needless to say I now bashfully refuse to enjoy anything else on a night out than said drink, which is why my night opened with the old reliables – The Margarita and The Cosmopolitan. These two refreshing tipples kept us satisfied while we waited for our sharing platter and falafel burgers. I was looking forward to gobbling up one of their Smokey Pulled Pork Dogs but unfortunately they just sold the last one, sob. However, both arrived together and left me jumping for my knife and fork. Stacked high on our platter were chicken wings smothered in BBQ sauce, garlic sourdough bread, crispy onion rings and thick rings of calamari. In my opinion it’s the type of sharing platter that goes hand in hand with some day time drinking! We dived into our sharing platers in between taking bites from our crunchy yet soft falafel burgers; which come served with rosemary fries and a garlic dip.

Make light work of your classic cocktails by sampling something from the sharing platter menu.


Strawberry Moons could lift your spirits with its music alone. It has a playlist that’s golden to pop enthusiasts and encourages tremendous amounts of fun. The atmosphere is light and anything but reserved. Groups of people were plonked in front of the venue and while my Irish skin caused me to take refuge indoors, the sound of light hearted banter travelled through the venue having a domino effect on us pale skinned revellers. Our heads were happily bobbing along to the rhythm of the speakers like one of those plastic dogs that sit in your car window. My favourite thing about Strawberry Moons had to be the diversity of the crowd. There were groups of girls celebrating a birthday and business men glugging well deserved pints after a hard day’s work. Essentially it carries an atmosphere where pretty much anything goes.

Merrymakers lap up the evening sun before heading inside for more drinks and revelry a little later.


Strawberry Moons is a carefree environment where the word judgement isn’t included in any ones vocabulary. Whether you’re looking to dance your arse off or want a place to reenergise after burning your cash on Regent Street, this is your place.