Piccadilly Institute London - Nightclub Review

The madhouse that is Piccadilly Institute is the brainchild of the same guys who brought us Tiger Tiger, Babble Bar Mayfair, and Kanaloa. Like its sister clubs, Piccadilly Institute is an unique space, attracting droves of nightclub goers who are looking for something more exotic than your normal nightspot.

The Venue

The club is one of many venues at The London Pavilion; the entertainment complex which also houses the 'Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum'. Your average club usually has two or three main rooms; with a main dance area, lounge, and maybe an extra bar with a few stools. At Piccadilly Institute, you can essentially hop between six ‘madness’ themed environs: Clinic, Chamber, Shrinx, Fruitbox, Noir, and Decadia.

There are skulls, apothecary kits, rock and roll posters, spooky eyes painted on the walls, and even hanging mannequins. There are also plenty of nooks and crannies for you to slip into and take a breather from the raucous atmosphere if you wish.

Piccadilly Institute is one of the West End's true heavyweight nightspots.

The Ambience and Clientele

With six pumping party rooms and contemporary dance music pumped out by resident DJs, Piccadilly Institute is a force to be reckoned with. Since it is located directly at the crossroads between the West End and Mayfair, the most common patrons are students and tourists looking for a wild night in the centre of London.

Mingle with a fun-loving crowd in one of PI's not one, not two but SIX unique party rooms.

The Food and Drinks

I stuck with the lime and strawberry Caipirinha but all the classic cocktails are priced the same at an affordable £7.50. I also had the Large Sharing platter which consisted of some very tasty baby back ribs, chicken wings, onion rings, tortilla strips, a salad and a few slices of garlic bread. The full menu includes an assortment of meal and snack options, such as chilli cheese fries, calamari, and tacos. The nature of the platters means that they are perfect for a little nibble in between dancing and sipping on those lovely cocktails.

There's a strong list of cocktails and nibbles if you fancy a break from the dancefloor!


The really great thing about Piccadilly Institute is the fact that you can disappear whenever and wherever you want to. You don't have to dance by the bar all night or stay cramped in a tiny alcove eating your finger foods. The space itself accommodates for all the preferences of the typical group of friends on a night out. Everything is provided, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy yourself, which of course, is oh so easy.