Jewel Piccadilly London - Cocktail Bar Review

By Alex Rogers.

Jewel Piccadilly serves as a great escape from the hoards that surround Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday night. As the waves of people crashed in through Regents Street and Leicester Square the doorman threw me a line, pulling me in to the solace of this charming West End bar for a much needed cocktail.

The Venue

Upon entering Jewel Piccadilly I was greeted by the rather stunning chandeliers that hang from the high ceilings over the rich and gothic bar with its dark metallic iron furnishings and black marble bar-top. With the sun beginning to set, the towering roman candles dimly lit some of the bar's darker corners adding to its ambience. Then there's the stylish function rooms which also have a charm all of their own, and are a great size for private birthday parties or celebrations.

Jewel Piccadilly Bar

The view from the entrance to the delightful Jewel Piccadilly bar in London's West End.

The Ambience and Clientele

For all its serious expression and style, Jewel Piccadilly offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff were particularly elegant and friendly while the chilled out house music further enhanced the relaxed environment. Jewel's clientele is a mix of those unwinding before heading home and groups of pre-club drinkers settling in for some more relaxed cocktails. Without a doubt Jewel offers the perfect environment for catching up with friends and letting your hair down after a long day at the office.


Check out the comfortable and luxurious surroundings, perfect for drinking and chatting.

The Food and Drinks

While I waited for my guest I had a hankering for something sharp and strong, and while a Classic Martini probably would've sufficed the bar was more than happy to make me a Dirty Martini which wasn't on the menu - a nice touch. I gratefully whet my whistle before enjoying a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc which at £6.50 a large glass serves the pallet as well as the wallet.

Jewel Piccadilly is clearly a popular choice for couples and parties, and an explanation is the deliciously fun sharer plates that offer you the choice between five different world cuisines. The mini burgers nearly had me until I opted for the Chinese Duck rolls; with all the ingredients stylishly presented on a slate plate, they were a real treat and left me wanting more. It is also worth noting there are full dining options on offer if you are feeling more peckish.

Jewel Drinks

The Porn Star Martini comes highly recommended and you can even get a large to share.


Jewel Piccadilly left me both delighted by my experience and slightly unfulfilled, but only because there's still so much I'd have liked to have tried. It really is the ideal spot for any situation, whether you're looking for a great place for date night in London or for booking a party. Great staff, great atmosphere, I'll look forward to working my way through the entire cocktail menu... may take a few visits though!