Bar Rumba London - Nightclub Review

Fancy dress, comedy, contemporary pop and R&B music combine in this popular nightclub in the centre of town. I was desperate to give it a go and see if Bar Rumba could hit the right notes.

The Venue

Located on Shaftesbury Avenue, Bar Rumba is ideally located minutes away from Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, which are populated year-round by tourists from all over the world. For this reason, it attracts an international crowd, many of whom come in large numbers to begin or conclude a night of clubbing in the West End.

bar rumba review 1

Kick back and let loose as Bar Rumba shows you a wild party night in Central London!

The Ambience and Clientele

At Bar Rumba you’ll find a wide spectrum of people, from twenty-something South African bar hoppers to bankers on a Stag night. When I visited, the club’s staff were dressed as cops and robbers, while various clubbers were dressed as animals (at one point the DJ exclaimed, “is that a camel that I see on the dance floor?”), prisoners, and American fraternity brothers. It soon became apparent that all of them were there to party. The thickly fogged dance floor filled up quickly with people who were not afraid of hollering, jumping up and down, and swaying with their drinks as if they were at a steamy discothèque in Ibiza.

Although Rumba is relatively small, the fun and communal atmosphere made it easy for people to lose sight of their friends, and many stopped at my table to rest and use their phones to initiate search and rescues.

bar rumba review 2

With cheap drinks a wild vibe, Bar Rumba knows how to light up your evenings in town.

The Food and Drinks

The drinks here are appropriately priced for a West End establishment. A medium-sized glass of wine will cost you at least £5.50, and most beers begin at £4.50. Rumba’s list of cocktails includes traditional favourites like an Aperol Spritz or Peach Bellini, as well as some lesser known mixes like their Queen Elizabeth with Beefeaster gin, their Jungle Juice with Midori and Malibu or their Hot Passionate Love with passion fruit liqueur. Rumba also has happy hours every day, so if you’re not a full on party animal you can enjoy a few after work drinks.

bar rumba review 3

After your happy hour drinks, get down on the dance floor till the early hours.


Bar Rumba is definitely a top venue for a fun group function. Reserve a table with some friends and you will undoubtedly receive an excess of offers and deals, all catered to give you and your entourage an exciting and memorable night. Additionally, you’ll soon find yourself amongst a medley of partiers of all ages and backgrounds. All in all, a really fun night for anyone looking for some frolics in Central London.