Instagram worthy cocktails, inviting food and a DJ set: the three things that can turn a normal weekday into a boisterous affair. I took the liberty of visiting Eaton Square Bar on a Thursday, because let’s face it, Thursday is the new Friday.

The Venue

Eaton Square Bar and Restaurant is located within a five minute walk of Victoria tube station (making it ideal for a pre-theatre meal). Two great, fire filled lanterns stand each side of Eaton’s entrance at Hobart Place giving customers a fiery welcome. Sparkling chandeliers hang from their ceilings and rich red velvet material winds across the venues chairs, sofas and pillars. The setting at Eaton Square is subtly sexy and has the perfect attributes for a glamorous evening.

Eaton's main space is inviting and utterly glamorous.

The Food & Drinks

My evening at Eaton Square started with a round of hand-crafted cocktails. We ordered the Princess Dairy cocktail (a heady mixture of Tequila infused with bee pollen, mixed with a cream soda reduction and jasmine brewed tea) alongside the Champagne Reduction (£11), a Porn Star Martini inspired drink. Both drinks were sweet and satisfying but the Princess Diary stole the limelight with its decadent, fruity presentation.

To start off our fine feast we ordered the Goats Cheese Spring Rolls (£5.75); the pastry for this starter was crisp and the centre, to my joy, oozed with cheese. Not long after nibbling this tasty course, our mains were served. My companion ordered the Caesar Salad (£6.25) alongside the Marinated Chicken Sewers (£7.95) while I decided on the Pan Fried Tiger Prawns with Chilli, Garlic and Tarragon Butter accompanied by Saffron Rice (£22.50). Once again, my choice prevailed as the winner. The prawns for this dish were not only huge in size, but also huge in flavour. They had a mighty fiery punch as the fresh chilli outshone the other ingredients. The saffron rice was golden in colour with plenty of fresh veg running through it.

The Pan Fried Prawns are destined to make an impression on the your palate. 

The Atmosphere

With a reservation booked for 7.30pm, my friend and I had to tactically weave our way through the post work crowd to reach our table. Drinks were in full flow as we ordered our food and a mixed crowd continued to happily converse over the venues generous offer on 3 for 2 cocktails. The atmosphere was chirpy but soon settled to a standstill as the post work crowd disappeared to face another day at the office. This was quite disappointing as the venue have a DJ night every Thursday and Friday. In the end, it was our table plus two others listening to the man behind the decks spin a few raunchy tracks. It goes without saying that the DJ set on this particular Thursday went to waste which is such a shame because,  let’s face it, who doesn't love letting loose to a Pussy Cat Dolls track?

A smooth DJ set can be expected at Eaton every Thursday and Friday night.

The Summary

Unfortunately the night we visited Eaton Square Bar wasn't a night for dancefloor antics. Apart from that, the place is a little nugget of joy with flavoursome dishes and original cocktails. But don't worry Eaton Square Bar, I'll be back so save me a dance.