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Mood-Boosting Cocktails? Here's How This New King's Cross Bar Is Using Nootropics In Its Drinks

Published . By Jasmine Lee Kennedy.



Now Open

Introducing the new King’s Cross bar that’s shaking things up… literally. Found on the 10th floor of glam hotel The Standard, Sweeties has put together one of the UK's first menus of mood-boosting cocktails.

In collaboration with award-winning mixologists, Jack Sotti and Todd Austin, this joint’s innovative drinks list has been formulated using nootropics and adaptogens. These are ingredients that allegedly enhance your cognition, mood, digestion and so on, like ashwagandha, reishi mushrooms and spirulina.

If that's tickled your fancy, get a load of the frothy boi: this pretty-in-pink sip mixes gin, lacto-rhubarb, raspberry and pink pepper with fermented amazake oats (which boast gut-friendly cultures). Or check out the crystal healing, a trippy-looking tipple made using electrolyte-rich coconut ice, something that can even help stave off that hangover. Plus, there are plenty of non-alcoholic concoctions for those living the health is wealth mantra.

As for the decor? This left-field haunt oozes 1970s Hollywood grandeur, possessing ochre velvet sofas and sultry low-hanging lights, as well as a dazzling disco ball and a… 6ft phallic sculpture. And when you’re not enjoying the, erm, artwork – you’ll be mesmerised by the views of St Pancras from the sky-high floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, weekend visits to Sweeties are a must, as it hosts a lush lineup of international DJs thumping classic and contemporary tunes from a bespoke, stack-style sound system.