Rubedo Rubedo brings the taste of naturally-sourced food and drink to Stoke Newington
35 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 0NX
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What they say:

The folk behind Rubedo have opened this venue to share their passion for natural wines and quality food. They want to promote the hard work of people who treat nature with respect, and moreover, to demonstrate the delectable tastes that can result from taking this ethical approach. The wine here is 'handmade' with no mechanical or chemical treatment; similarly, all of dishes here created from unadulterated, naturally-grown ingredients. Open Tuesday-Sunday, Rubedo want to share their naturally-sourced, high-quality food & drink with Stoke Newington (and make a lot of happy guests in the process). 

What we say:

Rubedo boasts a commendable ethos; this charming eatery only serves food and drink that has been naturally-sourced - treating nature and it's products with the utmost respect. All of the wines that you'll find here have never seen any mechanical nor chemical treatment; they're simply a direct result of the soil, vine, and climates that they were made in. The result? Each bottle boasts an energy that's sure to intrigue and exhilarate the tastebuds. The kitchen here takes a similar approach too; everything on the menu has been sourced from unadulterated, naturally-grown ingredients. Mirroring their humble ethos, this charming North London spot sports a charmingly asperous interior with exposed brickwork and chalkboard menus found throughout. Fused in with this self-effacing decor is a air of Parisian charm which is most pronounced with the bottles of vino that decoratively adorn this eatery throughout. Au naturel.