Thirst Cocktail and Basement DJ Soho Bar Review

Thirst Cocktail and Basement DJ Bar - Soho London Bar Review

53 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 3DR

Soho is known as a mind-blowing clubbing destination abroad, but many Londoners may actually fear or resent Soho. Half the problem is finding the gems amongst the plethora of heaving clubs and bars. This has resulted in many of us avoiding the area completely at night. Walking my way through Leicester Square to Thirst, I thought I knew the disappointment I€™d be facing at the end of the night. Thirst on Greek Street proved me wrong.

Décor and Ambience

Shrieking in pink letters THIRST, the outside of this Soho cocktail bar is rather appealing. The small street side HEATED seating area is a big plus considering most bars in Soho don€™t have one.

The ambient lighting on the ground floor, leather beige seats surrounding the small tables along with the jumbo disco ball reflecting the colourful led lights, all create a NYC lounge vibe. Even though the lounge is rather small, the big mirror on the wall and the windows facing Soho create a larger feel to the lounge.

Below the disco ball is a narrow stairway to the dark basement bar, I must say the disco ball is a lovely touch. There€™s a small dance floor and leather booth seating area downstairs (perfect for party groups) surrounded by red walls with shimmering candle lights. Oh, there€™s a bar here too! The DJ booth is located in the basement, but disappointingly above the DJ€™s head there€™s a sign. €˜€™NO REQUESTS€™€™.  The basement is rather cosy with a naughty touch and hosts the party crowd cutting shapes on this buzzing dancefloor. The extremely hard-working staff keep the bar, outside area and dance floor constantly clean.

Clientele and Atmosphere

This is the category in which Thirst excels: Thirst has managed to create an atmosphere where everyone is having fun and is feeling comfortable. As it was a Friday, by 10pm Thirst was packed both upstairs and in the basement with single young professionals and some tourists, ages ranging from 23-35 year olds. The crowd in Thirst is extremely accepting, easy-going and fun. Most importantly, everyone seemed to have a smile on their face whether they were sitting upstairs and chatting or dancing on the crowded dance floor.  

The staff deserve nothing but compliments, they like the crowd, are happy, polite and even join the party!

Food and Drinks

Looking at the drinks list makes one extremely thirsty. All the way from classical cocktails such as Mojitos to Thirst€™s own special cocktails to shooters to martinis to champagne cocktails to long drinks, Thirst does all the classics well. The bar is stacked with ubiquitous vodka brands such as Finlandia and Absolut, other spirits, shakers, and different glasses for different drinks.  All professionally and elegantly presented resulting in happily affordable and tasty drinks for about £7.50.  

Looking around, there are only a few clients with a bottle of beer, most clients are holding a cocktail glass. And no wonder, because the Thirstinis are dangerously addictive. The Mojito is fresh, light and tasty. If you can€™t shoot down a vodka shot, go for a Baby Guinness.  It€™s sweet and delicious.

Food is served until 3 am, but on a Friday night people are too busy drinking!


The DJ was a lovely young woman, who played today€™s commercial chart music all the way back to the Macarena. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Avicii, Justin Timberlake, LMFAO, and lots of Rihanna. If you aren€™t a big fan of commercial music, trust me the atmosphere makes up for it.

In Summary

Thirst Bar is a great cocktail and basement DJ bar in London to kick off your night with the delicious cocktails and maybe even to spend the whole night if you want to avoid the other Soho clubs and bars. I did spend the whole night there, survived and even left with a smile on my face. Thirst is a good Soho bar.