As I walked down the spiral staircase into Floridita I felt like I was walking into someone’s wedding, with the white tablecloths and live band playing, but I was there for The Rum Shack. Just to the left, hidden under the stairs, I spotted the nautical hideaway I'd heard so much about.

The Venue

The Rum Shack is set up really nicely with a cool, beach themed décor. The comfy couches and stools make it an ideal place to go with a big group of friends. Despite the live music giving off a bit of a wedding vibe, The Rum Shack itself was separated so it didn’t have an effect on the overall atmosphere. The bar was a little bit quiet for a Thursday night, but that left plenty of places to sit or stand at the end of the bar that was covered in cool tiki decorations.

The Rum Shack main area

The main seating area at The Rum Shack is fun, nautical and comfy!

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The whole place overall had a pretty lively atmosphere, as you'd expect for a cool themed bar in Soho. With upbeat music playing and dimmed down lights it was a strong balance between a place for a party or a more chilled out night. The crowd was a mix of people enjoying a few tasty cocktails after their meals at Floridita as well as groups of tourists and couples enjoying themselves.

The bar at the Rum Shack

The end of the bar closest to the shack has been set up in the same, funky tiki style.

The Drinks

With a name like The Rum Shack you know you’re going to be able to get some delicious cocktails. The huge list includes a mix of daiquiris in coconuts and funky mugs and classic cocktails. The drinks do not come cheap (the cheapest is around £10.50), but they are worth the price. I’d definitely recommend the Pina Colada, which comes in a pineapple and made me feel like I was kicking back on a tropical beach. There was also a flaming, sharing cocktail for £60 that looked like a great idea if you’re with a big group! My friend had the Rum Gelato and after hearing all the great things about it I will be back for a scoop or two myself!

Main bar at the rum shack

The main bar has a few stools for the weekends when it gets really busy!


Whilst The Rum Shack is a small section of Floridita, the tropical paradise decor and offering delicious drinks make it a cool setting. Maybe not the kind of place you would go for the whole evening, it is definitely a good place for kicking off the night with some delicious and unique drinks and great live entertainment. On the weekends it is considerably busy so best to book if you want to be able to relax on the couches and not have to stand by the bar!