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Shoreditch Grind To Open Shop in Soho

Soho Grind


Now Open

What they say:

With the continued success of Shoreditch Grind, the opening of a new venue seemed inevitable. Soho Grind continues the legacy of the Shoreditch site, applying the same formula but with a few new touches. These include the addition of a special custom coffee blend developed just for Soho Grind, plus its very own hidden speakeasy bar through a secret door.

What we say:

Espresso bar by day, cocktail bar by night - Soho Grind is a regular little superhero. It's great that they haven't broken away from their successful model, just updating the concept with some great touches. The custom blend coffee is a really great reason to get down to Beak Street on your way to work, whilst the speakeasy bar (hidden behind a sliding wall no less!) is a great place to chill after work with a few classic cocktails.