Mizuwari The Way of The Whisky
16 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TL
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

New Speakeasy style whisky bar Mizuwari - situated beneath skewer specialists in Bincho in Soho - will introduce London's discerning cocktail lovers to some of Japan's finest. Mizuwari means 'mixed with water', and is also the name of a special highball cocktail comprised of mixing water with strong Japanese whisky. The bar will also serve rare Japanese whiskies, some of the more popular whiskies and expertly crafted whisky-based cocktail; all alongside some delicious bar snacks - courtesy of skewer specialists Bincho (upstairs). All the cocktails are Suntory whisky based and Zoran Peric, Suntory brand ambassador designed the menu. 

What we say:

It seems the - cocktail lounge under a restaurant craze - has spread to the Orient and comes in the form of Mizuwari in Soho. The bar is located under skewer ninjas, Bincho, and specialises in Japanese whisky based cocktails. There is plenty of competition for cocktail bars in Soho but Mizuwari will stand alone with the theme they have adopted. Expect ridic strong whiskies - Mizuwari style (mixed with water), whisky based cocktails and some tasty treats from the upstairs restaurant. The 'bottle-keep' service is a particular highlight. This allows customers to buy a bottle that is 'kept' at the bar with their name on, allowing them to come back and drink more whenever they wish.