Cirque Le Soir London - Nightclub Review

I'd been told that any night at Cirque le Soir is one to indulge in sinful pleasures, with sexy, twisted and downright shocking performances! Hearing this, do you think I could stay away?

The Venue

Hidden behind an unremarkable black door is a world of debauchery. The club is made up of one rather small main room filled with VIP tables, with a stage in the middle; there are also two smaller, sectioned off rooms to the side. Head towards the back and you’ll find some quirky attractions to keep you entertained including a popcorn machine, a theatre style make-up table complete with dress-up rack, and a large mattress where you can lounge about in style. The focus at Cirque is without doubt the performances and atmosphere, so don't expect to be blown away by the decor.


Brimming with quirk, Cirque le Soir is a party goers paradise.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Having quickly become one of the most exclusive clubs in London, Cirque is the place to be for the rich and glamorous; also, don’t be surprised to find yourself partying with celebrities as it attracts A-list celebs from all over. It is sadly also members only, so you either have to be a member or know a member to get in. But make the effort, it's well worth it.

Cirque le Soir guarantees non-stop, jaw-dropping entertainment. In short, erotic dancers and clowns are some of the tamer acts you’ll see. The entertainment started quite early in the night with two beautiful girls taking the stage (almost nude) doing a seductive dance with the use of electrical sparklers, a real spectacle. They were quickly joined by two half-naked clowns who were dancing and interacting with the buzzing crowd. Pretty soon the club was full of scantily dressed circus performers with craziness in every corner. It might sound a little full-on, but it was quite literally the best clubbing atmosphere I've ever experienced.


Circus performers provide entertainment, while banging tunes give Cirque an unbeatable atmosphere.

The Drinks

The expert bartenders at Cirque are more than happy to serve you up any of the classic cocktails, but there are several circus inspired drinks which are well worth trying as well. As it’s a members club, you’ll see every table enjoying large (and expensive) bottles of vodka on ice, you can enjoy these with mixers but have to bought for the table, as if the way with all the exclusive nightclubs in town. Champagne will also be flowing, and if you're lucky, you might even get a sparkler in the top of yours...


Expect raunchy, seductive and powerful performances which will leave you utterly spellbound.


A place where anything goes; Cirque le Soir certainly knows how to push the boundaries, and has taken London clubbing to new heights. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for something away from the usual night out. Oh, and also someone who doesn't mind seeing a little flesh. I'll certainly be going back.