Ceviche Soho Soho Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar
17 Frith Street, London, W1D 4RG
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What they say:

They€™ve travelled the length of Peru to find the best recipes, and the length of Britain to find the freshest fish. Ceviche is made in front of you at the Ceviche Bar, fresh as you like. Super salads and a side of hot Peruvian giant corn choclos. Beef heart anticuchos a-sizzling, lomo saltados and a pisco sour or three. With a lucuma ice cream to finish. All served with a large slice of chicha. Chicha? It€™s a Lima thing. It means playful or cheeky, and it swings its way through everything we do. So while they€™re serious about their food, you€™ll see a little chicha in everything at Ceviche. Laid-back, fuss-free, and a little bit cheeky. Splashes of Lima€™s colour and Soho€™s spark. Waiters with a sassy smile, rhythm in their hips and the way they talk. Hard- to-find 60€™s tracks and the latest songs fresh from the peñas. 

What we say:

Bringing you the first Piso bar in London, with fantastic food and drinks all the way from Peru, Ceviche is an exciting new prospect bringing a fresh approach to eating and drinking in LOndon. With its well established and loved head chef creating a relatively unknown food and drink concept for all the hungry bellies around Frith street, we know that Ceviche is a massive hit and have queues leading out the door!