Barrio Soho London - DJ Bar Review

Having visited both Barrio Angel and Barrio Shoreditch, I thought it was about time I visited Barrio Soho and discovered how they bring their unique brand of Latin-style to one of London’s premier drinking areas.

The Venue

From the second you arrive Barrio’s popularity becomes immediately obvious, with quite a strict door policy even for after work drinks. Once inside its décor perfectly reflects the Latin theme that Barrio have so perfectly replicated across their venues.

Split across two levels, they have stirred together an eclectic mix of quirky Latin decorations, Tiki themed bars, hanging plants and neon signs that ensure you’ll always be noticing something new. For a relatively small venue the seating options are very well thought out, giving punters a number of options.

barrio central london review

Vibrant and eye-catching, you instantly know you're at Barrio.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The first thing that I noticed as I made my way through the bar was the abundance of women. The fun décor and the flowing cocktails evidently work well as a honey trap. This makes for a fun vibe, as popular dance music blasts through the speakers and hoards of post-work drinkers get in as many cocktails as they can before the happy hour ends. Although there isn’t really a set dancefloor area it didn't stop large groups from finding some space to cut a rug in front of the DJ.

barrio central review

With seating options galore, settle into a booth and grab yourself a couple of cocktails.

The Food and Drinks

In-keeping with the Latin theme, small selection plates are the order of the day here, acting as the perfect foil for the extensive range of cocktails and beer on offer. Expect big plates of nachos, plates of ribs, wings, squid and tacos, all very tasty with their own Latin twists.

The cocktails are what most people make the trip for, especially during happy hour (4pm-8pm). Expect a list of the usual cocktail favourites, all given the Barrio treatment (at just £4.50 each), and don’t be surprised to see people walking around with 3 or 4 at a time. Beers will only cost you £3 during happy hour too. For those that miss happy hour or don’t mind spending a bit more money they also have an extensive list of more unique and slightly stronger cocktails that are definitely worth a look.

barrio central soho review

A little more fun than your average bar, you won't have a dull night at Barrio.


Adhering perfectly to the credo of colourful fun and charisma, Barrio Soho is a definitely worth a visit for those looking for somewhere a bit livelier than the pub, but not as full-on as a club. The Barrio bars have found themselves a colour-laced niche somewhere in the middle which really is perfect.