B-SOHO is an unassuming bar in the heart of Soho, so I thought I’d get away from the crowds of Oxford Street on a Thursday night and drop in to a place I’d wanted to try for a while. After seeing people eating such nice pizzas through the window I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

The Venue

Located on Poland Street, B-SOHO has no big signs or blaring music, just a smart exterior and an equally stylish interior. A few tables at the front of the bar were taken up with groups showcasing the homemade pizzas. There is also a very relaxed seating area at the rear of the bar, whilst there is a retro table football providing hours of entertainment for guests. This all results in a great spot to sit and enjoy a few drinks with friends or colleagues. Downstairs, the restaurant and separate bar provides the privacy to enjoy a proper meal or a great space to hire for a party.

B-SOHO review 1

With plenty of seating and table football, B-SOHO is a great Soho drinks joint.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The clientele for a Soho bar on a Thursday night is pretty standard; a few suited city types meeting friends, the usual groups of Soho media workers and a selection of tourists seeking respite from the busy streets. There was also a large group who’d hired a few of the sofas at the back of the bar as a little party space. These mixed groups kept the atmosphere buzzing and light-hearted while staff kept the table service friendly and prompt.

B_SOHO review 2

Ideal for a quick pizza and few tasty cocktails, B-SOHO is cosy and well worth a visit.

The Food and Drinks

After dreaming about a B-SOHO pizza for a while they did not disappoint. Cooked fresh to order, they were very reasonably priced. We sampled two, but the party at the back of the bar ordered about 20 throughout the night. Each time one went past I got another wave of food envy as everything looked, smelled and tasted great!

The cocktail list was equally as impressive; I’m partial to a good Dark & Stormy, and although it wasn’t listed on the menu, the staff were more than happy to mix one up for me - I was very impressed. My friend enjoyed the selection of sparkling cocktails too, which all came up looking great and were perfectly mixed!

B-SOHO review 3

Stylish and sophisticated, B-SOHO makes for a lovely experience in Soho.


If you’re in Soho and looking for somewhere to grab some food or a few relaxed drinks you can do a lot worse than B-SOHO. Small enough to feel intimate and just far enough away from the hustle and bustle to not be too busy! You’ll tell all your friends about it. I have.