Worship Street Whistling Shop London – Cocktail Bar Review

I don't know about you, but I have always wondered what life was like in a by-gone era - it would be magical to smell the air, sample the food and absorb the atmosphere of a time that was simple yet beautiful in its elegance. Hence then, my delicious foray into the world of of Worship Street Whistling Shop. The brain child of the ever so talented team behind Purl in Marylebone, I was intrigued to say the least: this top London cocktail bar has made a name for itself among adventurous pleasure seekers of London.

The Venue:

Step onto Worship Street, a Shoreditch backstreet sandwiched between the City of London and the urban playground of the East, and locate Worship Street Whistling Shop - venture down a tight staircase and find yourself within a Victorian saloon of gas lit street lamps, wood and glass panelling, exposed brickwork, romantic candle lit coves and a fully stocked bar that is just itching to be consumed. 

Worship Street Whistling Shop Review Book Onine

Transport yourself back to the days of Dickensian London in this unique Gin Palace.

The Atmosphere & Clientele: 

We were greeted and shown to our seats by a dapper waiter, dressed in Dickensian attire: full on braces, waistcoat and pocket watch. The venue itself boasts a wonderful ambiance, drawing in a mixture of couples and friendly groups. The vibe is magical, successfully re imagining the world of 19th century gin palaces in London and it fast becomes clear that this elegant spot is dedicated to showcasing the drinks, food and atmosphere of the Victorian age in London. The atmosphere was utterly buzzing with excitement at the discovery of this sumptuous cocktail bar in London.

Worship Street Whistling Shop Review Book Online

Delicious handcrafted cocktails are on offer at the Worship Street Whistling Shop.

The Food & Drink:

We feasted our eyes over the eagerly awaited menu, adorned by the faces of King George and Queen Victoria: there was no doubt in our minds that this was something of a royal occasion. We browsed the fantastic choice of cocktails, all carefully crafted in Worship Street's in-house drinks laboratory, and opted for the Panacea Cocktail, a delightful concoction of whisky, lavender, honey and sage dust. I was delighted to see the British influence on Whistling Shops drinks menu with the selection of two fine English sparkling wines.. For the gin lovers, I urge you to explore the Dram Shop, a secret bar serving the finest gins you could ever wish to find - just ask a kindly waiter for the key.

After a whole host of beverages, it was time to explore the Worship Street Whistling Shop food menu: once again inspired by 19th century London, guests are invited to sample anything from pork cheeks to an oyster feast (my head was turned by the Magic Mushroom Soup). Those who like their British classics will be happy to try the Fish and Chips, whilst the curious may want to learn how all this magic is created at the Emporium cocktail classes held at Worship Street Whistling Shop.

Worship Street Whistling Shop Review Book Online

The food menu at Worship Street Whistling Shop was just as impressive as the cocktail offering. 


Worship Street Whistling Shop offers an authentic, multi-sensory experience that transports you right back to a night out in 19th Century London. There is no doubt that I will be coming back for more.