The Shoreditch Cocktail Bar Review

Reality can€™t reach you at The Shoreditch once you€™re under its spell; the charming décor, lavish cocktails, catchy music and hypnotic disco balls provided a great Saturday night out and we€™ll be back again soon. 

The Ground Floor

It takes a while before you notice the grin of the taxidermy tiger fastened on the ceiling at The Shoreditch because every inch of this bar beholds remarkable eye-candy. The brilliant layout of the ground floor has a DJ deck acting as nucleolus with areas for dancing, a long bar and booths hovering happily around it. The cheerful presence of the resident DJ playing 70s disco classics spreads a great atmosphere, complemented by the sweet aroma of raspberry and vanilla scented candles. The holistic impression of this sensory pounding (oversized cocktail umbrellas, marbles, a pet plastic flamingo, neon signs and sporadic touches of light) is of an adorned pirate ship cruising the Caribbean sea with an elegant crew.


Cocktails, funky tunes and good company make for happy times at The Shoreditch


The Basement Bar

Follow the illuminated arrow and you€™ll find the basement bar and club area of The Shoreditch which is a house music disco after 10pm on Saturdays. It doesn€™t spark the liveliest of dance floors but the sound system is impressive. The bar is darker and less happy-go-lucky, with seating areas and alcoves decked out in moody lamps creating atmospheric scenery for socialising, dating and frankly said: snogging. 


People Gazing and Undressing

Whether you need some air, a cigarette or simply come for people-watching, The Shoreditch has lovely street side tables with heat lamps. The tables were removed around 11pm but a generous smoking area remained. Another thankful feature is the cloakroom, which charges £2 per item but is forgiven for it because The Shoreditch is free entry until 10pm on Saturdays; a fiver after. 


Clientele and Music

The 70s disco music and fun interior attracted a great-looking crowd with sophistication and humour, looking for something a little different in London. Cute dresses and suits were popular, but of the trendier or retro styled expected in the funky East End. Aged around 20-30 there was a sound mix of tourists, students and young professionals. It was very popular for birthday celebrations with larger groups of 5-20 booked into booths, fuelling a jubilant mood. The interactions were warm and friendly and a group of fancy dressed superheroes blended smoothly into the lively scene. You could easily talk over the music which opened up a social vibe with quite a lot of bonding happening over pointing and touching the enticing ornaments. 

On the ground floor the DJ moved on from €œYes Sir, I can Boogie€ to €œBlow my whistle baby€ at 11.30pm to continue with a cavalcade of modern day hits until 2am. The basement bar played solid House beats from 10pm, live music before that.

The resident DJ created a ballroom blitz beneath the mirror balls


Food and drinks

We found the cocktails marvellous! There was much choice between exotic €œshaken like a monkey€ Tiki drinks, classics and dubious temptations. The Happy Hour is the best value deal in Shoreditch with 2 for 1 cocktails until 9pm. Our favourites were The Shoreditch Lychee Mojito and Bunny with a Gun (lime, strawberry syrup, Bacardi rum, Myer€™s rum, La fee NV Absinth, Cranberry juice). They were perfectly balanced in flavour, wonderfully presented and brought to our seats by friendly waitresses. The bartenders had a lot to do this busy Saturday but they handled it well. But don€™t feel pressured; the joyous prices extend to bottled beers as well and there is a satisfying selection of wine, spirits, cider and a few drafts too. But really, try one of their sharing cocktails like the popular fish bowl which is a rainbow coloured concoction served in an astronaut€™s head piece designed to be slurped down collectively through long straws. Gold fish memory effects to be expected€¦ 

The food at Shoreditch is delivered from nearby chefs at Cargo bar which may sound unreliable but we indulged in a Meze platter so wholesome, tasty and appetising that any doubts disappeared instantly.

Strangers stopped by to compliment our platter, mesmerised by its Mediterranean offerings 



The Shoreditch is a chic and lively bar in London which excels in providing a funky cocktail den for early evening Happy hour indulgence and socialising. As the evening progresses the great party atmosphere takes hold and you€™ll struggle to find a better bar in Shoreditch that is both free entry, stylish and open as late. I really recommend booking a table at this Shoreditch club for a special night out in London.