The Book Club London - DJ Bar Review

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By Andrea Parma.

Tucked away in the lively heart of East London, The Book Club is not the standard trendy Shoreditch bar. With a vast programme of forward-thinking events, including exhibitions, club nights, video game parties, film screenings and ping-pong tournaments, this is a unique spot in London, so I headed down to get to grips with it.

The Venue

Set over two levels, the natural light passing through the big windows is what really enhances the spacious and stylish interior of the first floor. The exposed brickwork, wooden furniture and a lot of lamps deliver a characteristically cosy feel, which makes this a excellent place for chatting and drinking. The basement mixes raw and chic, with a darker ambience blending perfectly with an unusual ceiling effects made with bulb lights; this is where club nights, private hire parties and lots more takes place.

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Cosy and spacious, The Book Club is an all-rounded venue suitable for any occasion.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

You can't escape the hipster vibe here in Shoreditch, however, people don't come here just because it's cool; the space, meticulous attention to detail and the interesting events programme make it a destination not just for locals, delivering a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere anytime. Whether you're going down for a fun night after work, an exhibition or some drunken ping-pong, The Book Club is great for mingling with new people and having a chat.

The basement always offer a good alternative to standard clubbing in London, ranging from electro-swing, rock'n'roll parties to the increasingly popular 'Big in Japan' and 'Claque' nights. I was there for 'Claque', hosted by London Village Kids, and can definitely say that both the music selection and sound system have enough to be a serious rival to the best clubs in Shoreditch.

The Book Club London DJ Bar Review

Ideal to play after few pints, being drunk makes you the ping-pong master - my opinion of course.

The Food and Drinks

The Book Club offers a wide range of homemade food for breakfast, lunch and dinner; the platters are definitely recommended if you're with friends as they have pretty generous portions. The cocktails are inspired by the classics, with an innovative touch and curious names; get a 'Shoreditch Twat' if you like mixing Jagermeister and tequila or a 'Wray Charles' in case you want a stronger concoction. The prices reflect Shoreditch, so it's always better to get a jug rather than go for the single glass!

The Book Club London DJ Bar Review

Berliners Actherbhan D'Amour smashing it with some acid and deep house sounds coming right from the German capital.


The Book Club is a different yet successful destination in Shoreditch, popular for its innovative events programme in addition to it being a very nice location. With a great vibe and a good atmosphere, this place is definitely recommended!