Portside Parlour Rivers Run Rum in East
PortSide Parlour 14 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DU
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What they say:

Portside Parlour is a pop-up rum bar in collaboration with Appleton Estate Rum, with killer cocktails, lit by candlelight and set to a backtrack of rock 'n' roll blues. Opening on 1st February in the basement under Off Broadway, it will be easy to imagine you're in the Captain's quarters with your mug of hot rum, curiously admiring the light of a flickering candle dancing around the room. It's the place where time eludes you and the urge to leave is far outweighed by the comforting feel of the beast in your belly.  

What we say:

With the endless possibilities of cocktail variations rum can offer, a place dedicated to this versatile spirit promises to be a big hit. There will be tasty bar snacks courtesy of Borough Olives and with the Mexican themed 'Off Broadway' restaurant and bar upstairs, you can be sure to not be found hungry or thirsty on your jaunt to Portside Parlour. 

Never feel the need to ask "Why is the rum always gone?", by using the Davey Jones' locker system to keep your own favourite bottle of rum for your next trip. Or learn more about the pirate's favourite drink at the Portside Parlour's fortnightly rum club, complete with drink's tastings.