Ready for fun filled frivolity and aching funny bones? You bet I was. Was that what I found when fledgling comedy club Comedy Rocks made their way to renowned Shoreditch bar, McQueen? You bet it was. 

The Venue

Making my way through the spacious, stylish and broody upstairs bar we were escorted to a downstairs den which was crisp and cool. And whilst I may have been a little bit put off by the scantily clad half naked murals on the walls, it did little to deter from the sleek setting and cosy chesterfield sofas of this bar in Shoreditch. Comedy nights are proven to boast intimacy and community spirit with the McQueen proving no different. Packing the place out, and admittedly leaving a few bar propped guests seatless, there was still an air of a casual get together even in this trendy upmarket setting.

mcqueen CR

The man of the night, the creme of la comedy creme, Alan Davies.

The Comedy

But you want to know about the comedy right? Hosted by Barnaby Slater, who I reckon stole the hearts of the crowd with his self deprecating jokes and quips, Comedy Rocks introduced acts that left people with firm new favourites. Whilst Joel Dommett (former MTV presenter) bounded around the stage like a hilarious loon, not afraid to fill us with jokes about his time as a presenter and its chuckling pitfalls; Sofia Hagen, a stern yet incredibly charming comedian from Sweden played around with size and sex.

Now to the main man! I may come across as a little bias, seeing that I've followed headliner Alan Davies through his many charming years on the QI panel, but we weren't let down. Feeling more like a hilarious introspective into his life than a stand-up sketch, Alan Davies is a man that delivers regardless of whether or not he turns to a sheet of paper for his content (might I add that it frustated this charming little comedy monster more than it helped). I more than urge you to see a comedian than can laugh in the face of his children for the sake of comedy, I assure you he loves them, but by jove do his frustrations make a great show.

alan cr

Intimate and slick, Mcqueen in Shoreditch is both a cool and unusual comedy venue. 


Not only were the acts pure premium, it was Comedy Rocks' ability to bring a troupe of comedians together that kept the laughter in this room raucous and electric. The only flaw were the breaks; the flow of the evening was consistently interrupted by 15 minutes intervals, but I understand that a drink guzzling chap ordering at the bar during your set could be a little off putting, so no real harm done! All in all a fantastic evening of drinks and comedy that comes highly recommended.