Loungelover is often billed as one of the original and best, decadent cocktail bars in Shoreditch and London, as a whole. I therefore arrived with very high expectations. As soon as I entered Loungelover, my jaw dropped to the floor. It was like walking into the props room for a glamorous hollywood film studio. I didn't know where to look first: giant champagne flutes, beautiful chandeliers, vintage furniture, french-esque banquettes, georgian side tables and theatrical up-lighters! Loungelover is an amazing sight to behold. I went on a Saturday and the bar was alive and buzzing. The cocktail list is expansive and thoughtful, filled with wonderful twists on classics and new creations. I had an Eastern Promise - a sumptuous combination of Rose Vodka, Lychee Purée and Lime. Yummy! This cocktail bar is quite simply superb and a must if you want to impress on a date, new to London, here on holiday or want classy pre-drinks in Shoreditch. Cocktaillover? Yes. Ambiencelover? Yes. Loungelover? Yes yes yes!