Flight Club Shoreditch A playground for professionals (of sorts)? THIS. IS. FLIGHT CLUB.
2A Worship Street Alphabeta Building, London, EC2A 2AH

What they say:

After the storm of gaming bars in London, there was a niche to be filled with something distinctive, unique and original. Enter Flight Club. Decked out with the latest technology, including touch screens and digital scoring, Flight Club is leading the pack when it comes to social gaming and boozing. Flight Club poses as more than just your average Shoreditch bar; it's a hybrid of playground, pub and a party all-in-one. 

What we say:

Spoiler alert. Welcome to Flight Club (sans Brad). 2015 is all about darts. Revolutionising London's gaming bar scene, you can put your sega controls and paddles down, you're about to enter a world of drinking and darts play. What is dubbed as London's latest social gaming concept comes to Finsbury Square with booze, boards and darts to throw. If you think you can handle it, there'll be cocktails, competitions and cool interiors to play with. Think your classic pub experience with a casual game of darts, upgraded and made a hell of a lot more fun. That my friends, is Flight Club.