BrewDog Shoreditch Shoreditch Craft Beer Pub
51-55 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, E1 6LA
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What they say:

Scottish beer wizards BrewDog are back with their 2nd London opening, parking themselves on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch. Known for their classic beer and relaxed pub vibe, the BrewDog boys are keen to extend the beer love across the capital. "Beer drinkers in East London can look forward to a library of beery masterpieces from all over the world, regular beer tasting classes, craft beer cocktails, board games, a full range of our beers on draft and some of the trademark BrewDog anarchy thrown in for good measure."

BrewDog have revealed two little gems to go with this new opening; first that the food will contain a showcase of Japanese inspired beer snacks which will be perfect for sharing over a pint. Secondly, and this is big... a basement with a secret function - who knows what will be housed in the depths of BrewDog Shoreditch, this beer lover can only hope that it's a miniature brewery. With a traditional pub feel and a great range of BrewDog beers on tap, not to mention some great international craft beers as well, BrewDog Shoreditch looks set to follow on from the resounding success that is BrewDog Camden.

What we say:

Well we are already massive BrewDog fans here at DesignMyNight and are very much looking forward to having a BrewDog pub closer to the office! Top beer, some Asian-themed bar snacks and more beer piled on top; we think this place is going to be great. Taking over the craft beer mantle from Mason & Taylor who were the previous incumbants; this Bethnal Green Road pub could quickly become a hit with the drinkers of Shoreditch and is sure to attract people from across the area to try some of the best beer to be found in the capital.

This new Shoreditch pub will be perfect for after-work beers and catching up with mates; with tastings and classes also available, a classic BrewDog trait, this pub will be fun and full every day of the week. With only a few days to go until this craft beer beauty opens its doors to the public, we at DesignMyNight, like everyone else, are desperate to know... what are those Scottish lads keeping in that basement!