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Beard To Tail

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What they say:

Beard To Tail is the new venture from the team behind the incredibly successful and popular Callooh Callay bar in Shoreditch. Since its opening, this meat-centric restaurant has been popular with the cool and trendy crowd that eat out in and around Shoreditch, and you can't really blame them! With the impressive menu, top-notch whiskey selection and deli bar, Beard To Tail promises guests an unforgettable eating and drinking experience.


What we say:

We've heard some great things already about Beard To Tail, and with the proven pedigree of the Callooh Callay team behind them it isn't hard to see why. After the massive success of their pop-up restaurant and cafe earlier in the year Beard To Tail have had Londoners' tongues wagging about what they can expect next.

The menu is full of meat-lovers dishes incorporating the best cuts from the pig and cow into a selection that really is mouth-wateringly good. Our picks from the menu are the 'Beard To Tail offal salad' which comes with a bubble and speak cake and a poached hens egg, and the equally tasty looking 'Smoked Pork Belly with Sweet Potato Mash'. An exhausting whiskey list is also available and is a real triumph with everything from the casual whiskey drinker to the total connoisseur.

We recommend that you get yourself down to Beard To Tail as soon as possible; it's getting rave reviews already and we'd hate you to have to queue with the rest of London when all the boring people find out how amazing it is.