In the heart of London's chic, sophisticated and downright posh, Mayfair, The Luggage Room is a secret basement bar, with sensational cocktails and incredible bar snacks. 

The Venue

The Luggage Room is located in the rather swish Marriott Hotel in Mayfair. Making the absolute most of the hotel's old luggage storage space, this stunning bar is one heck of a spare room. Dark woods, lavish furnishings and plush textures, make this cocktail bar a refined, gentlemen's club-style hangout. Low-lit lamps and drinks cabinets lined with rare vintage spirits, add to the speakeasy feel, while a luggage element enters with trunk studs, rich leathers and designer case fabric acting as wallpaper. While the bar itself is pretty darn fabulous, possibly the best part of the whole experience, is the entrance. You rap on a big knocker at a discreet door on the side of the hotel, then a little jail door shutter is opened and the eyes inside ask you your name. On approval, you may then enter, now I'm a sucker for anything a bit novel and quirky, but this is all terribly cool and gave an instant VIP-vibe to the evening. 

Exquisite cocktails are served up by incredibly charming and incredibly attentive staff at the bar. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele

I'm not sure if it was the prohibition feel, the Americans sitting a few tables over, or simply the fact that this bar feels like it's straight out of the set for Mad Men, but The Luggage Room smacks of a Manhattan cocktail bar. The whole vibe of this place is very "sophisticated Stateside". We visited the Mayfair bar on a Saturday evening, and the atmosphere was just right, small clusters of friends waxing lyrical, couples on their way to or from dinner, and a few guests from the adjoining hotel. Along with the smooth old-school piano and sax melodies piping in from above, the soundtrack was completed with the bubbling of lively conversation and, my favourite sound of all, the rattling of a cocktail shaker.

The Luggage Room is dotted with beautiful retro luggage features like fine leather and studding. 

The Food & Drinks

The drinks are, of course, what The Luggage Room is really all about, and the tenders here make a fine art of creating them. Little touches made all the difference, with candied fruit and metal spoon-straws for seriously chilled sipping.  Again the American element runs through with a drinks menu that was heavy with punches, sours, cobblers and juleps. We tried a rolling roster of incredible, rather innovative drinks, among our (many) faves were the whiskey and mint-laced, Islay Julep, Airmail, with lime juice and honey water, Knickerbocker a' la Monsieur, with rum and raspberry, and the lemon juice, mint and ginger-infused, Alabama Fizz. The bar snacks were out of this world, not your average packet of crisps here, the Luggage Room served up sugared peanuts, crisp basil bread with a tomato dip and mini toasts with blue cheese and pear chutney - luscious and moreish, yet light and delicious. 

The Luggage Room is entered through a secret black door at the side of the Marriott hotel. 


Maybe it's the juleps talking but I'm a little bit in love. The Luggage Room manages to be a somewhat-themed secret bar, without feeling gimmicky. The speakeasy vibes of this cocktail bar are authentically stylish, the staff are exceptional and the food and drinks, utterly delicious. A cosy, chic bar in a beautiful part of London, this is the perfect cocktail bar to meet friends or a date, for a night of refined drinking and flowing conversation, in a relaxed, yet elegant setting.