Purl Suave West End Cocktail Bar
50-54 Blandford Street, West End, London, W1U 7HX
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What they say:

The name Purl comes from a 19th century beverage that was commonly sold on the streets of London. The drink consists of warm ale, gin and spices. It€™s in keeping with our theme of late 19th century birth of cocktails along with pre-prohibition cocktail culture and the art deco period€¦ plus Purl is a nice word (it€™s also the sound that water makes when it flows over rocks). Contrary to the vintage drinking era that Purl will typify, the cocktail list will be an ever-evolving mixture of hard core classics and forward thinking sensory peculiarities. You€™ll have to pop on down to find out more, but we will be incorporating foams, caviar, homemade infusions, home-aged bitters, ice carving and even liquid nitrogen.

What we say:

The Reviewer will be checking out Purl very soon...