One Two Two Lavish One Two Two adds to Mayfair's extravagant bar scene
8 Mount Street, London, W1K 3NF
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What they say:

Styled as a traditional Parisian cocktail bar in the roaring 1920s, One Two Two is an elegant cocktail bar nestled underneath the equally suave Le Chabanais restaurant in Mayfair. The bar is beautifully decorated and offers everything you'd expect from a restaurant bar in London's most sought after postcode. The marble-topped bar is run by passion-driven mixologist Franck Ardoux and delivers exquiste cocktails that compliment the venue's sleek ambience. Stocked full of the finest spirits, exotic spices and fresh fruits the team of bartenders are able to roll back the clock to a time when decadence and exuberance had become the norm. A sip of one of their cocktails will leave you feeling wonderfully grand and opulent in every way.

What we say:

As far as restaurant bars go in Mayfair, it's become an unwritten rule that you have to offer guests a sumptuous, elegant experience. One Two Two fits nicely into this trend, offering anyone that walk through its door a chance to dine and drink like a royal. Sleek is probably the best way to describe this watering hole, but what separates it from other restaurant bars is the distinctive theme. Paris in the 1920s was the forefront of innovation, the heart of creative thinking. Regularly frequented by the finest writers of the English word, the never-knowing-what's-next feel of the city placed it head and shoulders above the rest. Of course this'll be tremendously difficult, but if the experienced team behind this venture can recapture even a thimbleful of the character that made Paris the capital of the world, One Two Two will surely become one of London's most popular restaurant bars.