Mayfair Pizza Co. - London Restaurant Review

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Published . By Gurjot Thind.

Opulent and stylish by nature, the Mayfair Pizza Co. is hidden away on the first floor of a Central London building. The team behind this impressive venture have worked hard to get the over-arching ambience of this restaurant correct. It's rare to find a suave place like this in Mayfair that doesn't cost you an arm and leg; yet here it is, Mayfair Pizza Co.

The Venue

It's not the easiest restaurant to find. As well as being out of sight on the first floor, the Mayfair Pizza Co. resides on Lancashire Court, an alleyway behind a giant Hugo Boss branch. With only a winding staircase pointing you in the right direction, you'd be forgiven for having a slight feeling of trepidation upon arrival. But that all changes as soon as you step foot into the main dining room. Gigantic windows soak the entire venue in natural light, and the high ceilings beautifully transform what could be a slightly cramped room into an exquisite dining area. The open kitchen is perfect for a pizzeria with a wood-fired oven and genuinely gives this spot an authentic feel. To complete the experience, ceiling-high shelves equipped with 19th century library ladders are stocked full of wine and champagne. We almost felt bad asking the waitress to climb up and grab us a bottle of Gavi di Gavi.

Mayfair Pizza Co., Venue, Mayfair, PizzariaThe high shelves of wine add something special to this Mayfair hangout.

The Food

The diverse menu and long list of incredible ingredients makes choosing your dinner quite difficult. To start, we sampled the perfectly flavoured Mac & Cheese with crab and the eye-pleasing Beef Carpaccio served with rocket and aged balsamic. I'll be the first to admit, the idea of raw meat is disconcerting to say the least, but the balance of taste and thinly cut slices of meat are truly exquisite. Both are a treat, both are only £8. Onto the mains; the Truffle and Porcini Mushroom pizza leapt out at me. Fairly priced at £14, it's topped with buffalo mozzarella and glazed with truffle butter; each bite tantalises the tastebuds. The spicy Salsiccia Friariella combines fiery chilli flakes with neapolitan sausage and parmesan, and leaves a wonderful aftertaste that delicately lingers in between bites. Feeling ready to burst, coffee was the only answer. The Tiramisu provided the pick-me up we needed, and the Affrogata signed off the meal in style, the hot coffee clashing with the ice-cold, rich vanilla ice cream. Full of flavour, it'll leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Food, Mayfair Pizza Co, Mayfair, review, The Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Pizza is a rich, white pizza that's definitely worth its salt.

Atmosphere and Clientèle

You'll find a diverse mix of people at this Central London restaurant. It's friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere draw in nearby shoppers, after-work diners and even small families. Beautifully decorated, the restaurant sits comfortably in Mayfair's sophisticated, luxurious restaurant scene. The menu itself perfectly embodies the ambience this venue's trying to achieve. Despite this, you won't have to break the bank; everything is fairly priced and well within everyone's reach. And that's the Mayfair Pizza Co.'s hidden secret, offering reasonably priced dinner that feels wonderfully extravagant. The only slight speed-bump limiting the restaurant from achieving its desired atmosphere is the music that's played overhead. The smooth elegant vibes are significantly dampened by the pounding bass of a Skrillex song or the head-scratching conundrum that is Lunch Money Lewis. I'm being pedantic, and of course this is an easy thing to fix, but it makes a huge difference. More Sinatra, less Bieber.

Mayfair pizza co, mayfair, atmosphere, reviewsWith friendly service and beautiful decor, the Mayfair Pizza Co. is great spot to enjoy an intimate meal with friends and family.


The Mayfair Pizza Co. truly is a sparkling gem. With the high standard of service that you'd expect in London's most sought after postcode, but the prices of an economical eatery, it has all the ingredients you need for a fantastic dinner with your closest friends and family. Welcoming, suave, delicious... what more could you ask for?