Chakana A Sacred Space For Incan Inspired Indulgence
23 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6HL
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What they say:

Spearheaded by a series of international nightlife entrepreneurs, all of whom are working under the expert hand of Nick House, Chakana is the brain child of Corrado Mozillo, Augusto Rossillo and Andrew Dax; there should be no doubt then, of its proven pedigree. Chakana is a Latin-Pacific late night lounge bar and dance club, with venue and entertainment inspired by Tarantino's cult film 'From Dusk Till Dawn', it is already giving the Mayfair bar and club scene a run for its money. Chakana offers an extensive range of super-premium South American, Andean super food cocktails, and an amazing international roster of DJ talent. 

What we say:

A sacred space at which to indulge the body and the senses, Chakana is an Incan style Mayfair paradise that finds inspiration in the shamanistic traditions that have been passed down through the ages. Overflowing with character and boasting a menagerie of decorative oddities, this new lounge bar and dance club invites its guests to revel in the sheer luxury of their surroundings. Beautiful bodies move to the best in deep house, whilst late night London revellers sip on an expertly crafted cocktail designed by the masterful Isaac Morrison and infused with the super foods of the Andes. Gather among fellow initiates and relish in the Chakana lifestyle.