Café Murano Café Murano Showcases The Culinary Delights Of Northern Italy
33 St. James's Street, London, SW1A 1HD
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What they say:

Angela Hartnett returns to Mayfair with Café Murano, a bar and restaurant which takes inspiration from the culinary traditions of the many regions of Northern Italy. Hartnett comments on the new opening, “it is a thrilling prospect to return and open a restaurant in the very same 33 St James’s street site where I trained in the kitchens of the original Petrus at the beginning of my career. Café Murano will offer regionally focused dishes, at an accessible price-point, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere – the kind of restaurant I would enjoy eating in every day”.

What we say:

If there was ever a Mayfair bar and restaurant opening to get excited about, this is it. With Angela Hartnett and her team at the helm, Café Murano has already shown itself to be just as impressive as Murano, its predecessor. Drawing inspiration from the cuisine and traditions of various regions across Northern Italy, and with a 100-bin exclusively Italian wine list designed by none other than Head Somellier Marc-Andrea Levy, this Mayfair bar has already put all other Italian inspired eateries to shame.