Call Me Mr Lucky - London Secret Bar Review

Londoner’s love a secret, and they don’t come much better than in the form of a hidden bar. The Breakfast Club’s concealed cocktail spots need secret passcodes to get through quirky hidden entrances, so we tried Call Me Mr Lucky to see if we could get just that, lucky.

The Venue

To get into this particular secret bar beneath the London Bridge Breakfast Club, you must tell the person at the door you’re there to “Get Lucky”. You can technically say this to any person on the door of any venue, but they won’t all then proceed to lead you to the back of the restaurant, down some stairs, through the brightly lit kitchen and into the low-lit space that resides next to it.

This intimate space is brightened by the presence of colourful paper lanterns which hang from a ceiling that has been decorated with marker pen graffiti. There are perches dotted around the room, both at the bar and around the walls, and then there are booths hidden in alcoves around the back of the room where groups can sit and enjoy their libations in semi-secret surrounded by multi-coloured fairy lights.

call me mr lucky secret bar review

Colourful and coy, Call Me Mr Lucky is a sweet and secret spot under London Bridge. 

The Food and Drink

Tequila is the order of the day at Call Me Mr Lucky, but naturally you’re not restricted to this one particular spirit. Gin, vodka and whiskey all feature on this fun menu that doesn’t take itself too seriously. My friend and I both started with a Tequila My Colada (£7.50) made with Ocho reposado tequila, watermelon, coconut, pineapple & angostura bitters. Tasting like a refreshing summer juice with the punch of tequila, this is a good drink to start the night with, and it comes with a cocktail umbrella. Holiday vibes all round.

My second drink, the Raspberry Beret (£8.50) was made with Makers Mark Bourbon, raspberries, mint, fresh ginger, lime, chilli bitters & lemonade. It was zingy and fruity with a very subtle heat that burned gently at the back of the mouth, remedied by the tartness from the lime, while my friend went for the “recommended for Instagram” drink, Trump’s Toupee (£6.50) which sees Stoli vodka, green charteause, violet liqueur, cranberry, lime arrive beneath a coif of candy floss - both humorous and delicious.

For food the menu hosts a selection of dirty, guilt ridden delights, like the super messy and addictivehot buffalo chicken wings that leave your fingers covered in the sweet, spicy sauce as the meat falls inelegantly from the bone for £6-8, and the £4.50 golden, crispy avocado fries which are hot and benefit nicely from being dipped in the cool ranch dressing that comes alongside the wings. Then there are the Tabasco and Cheddar Waffle Bites; I took one bite and I was utterfly obsessed. The fluffy, warm breakfast waffle is generously coated in gooey nacho-style cheese, with a dribble of tabasco and sriracha that has each nuzzled itself into the crevices to give a gentle nudge every few bites, alongside the fresh cream cheese and bacon salt. It’s inspired and a must order at £6.

call me mr lucky london review

The cocktail menu is playful and doesn't stick to the rules.


Call Me Mr Lucky didn’t need luck to win me over. They’ve combined all the elements it takes to provide a fun evening: fun drinks, spot on snacks, a chilled atmosphere and that feeling that you’re in on a secret which makes it all the more special. It is well priced and perfectly located for casual after work drinks or weekend celebrations. When you’re guaranteed to get lucky, what’s stopping you?!